What is AMP-V?

AMP-V is a natural and unique plant-based omega supplement, that’s right 100% vegan-friendly omegas. It combines essential, conditionally-essential and non-essential fatty acids with synergistic “essential oils” using ATP Science Patented innovation to protect, preserve and enhance the bio-efficacy of how and where they work in the body, the way omegas should.


What benefits does AMP-V provide?

  • Provides 100% pure natural energy whenever you needed
  • Enhances release of stored fat from fat cells
  • Enhances heat production and fatty acid oxidation
  • Enables rapid fat loss by optimizing liver's capacity for fat oxidation
  • Delivers instant appetite suppression


When to use AMP-V?

You can use it as:

  • Part of ketogenic diet or low carb diet before fasted exercise
  • Appetite suppressant between meals
  • Condiment or salad dressing with meals
  • Minty flavour enhancer to your coffee or tea and taken between meals
  • Energy booster before study, exam or other mental activities


Who loves AMP-V?

  • Gym champions, who need extra power to go extra miles
  • HYPOXI clients, who need to curb their appetite before and after their trainings
  • Shift workers working in emergency service, who need something to stop their cravings at once
  • Bodybuilding professionals, who pursue perfections in their shape
  • People who want to lose fat faster (but in a natural way)


What did other people say about AMP-V?

Customer Feedback #1

“Working in emergency services i now live by this stuff! by far one of the best supplements out there! Not only is it good to keep my caffeine cravings away, it also curbs my appetite between meals! I cannot speak highly enough of it!!”
Feedback Via // @troy####


Customer Feedback #2

Pre-workout Fat Burner and Asthma Control!
"This product is amazing! I have struggled with exercise-induced asthma for several years and was on a very strong steroid inhaler. After just two months on this product, I have been able to ditch the inhaler completely! I am breathing better, have more stamina and feel better after my workouts. It is a life changer! Thanks ATP!!"
Review by Misty #### on ATP website


Customer Feedback #3

"#amp-v and a single shot of coffee. The best pre ever! @atpscience #cleanest supplements on the market. Did you know Amp-V is a combination of essential fatty acids and Omegas such as 3,5,6,7,9 all of which are vegan-friendly! It packs a helpful hit of peppermint to assist with central nervous system stimulation without any stimulants. Take that."
Feedback Via // @james####


Brand ATP Science

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